The Zeus mattress provides an exceptional standard of comfort. The springs, besides being independent and “individually boxed”, are divided into differentiated-support sections. This means the centre part of the mattress features springs with a steel wire gauge (ø mm. 2,0) different to that used for the head and feet (ø mm. 1,8).
The weight of the body is perfectly distributed over the entire surface of the mattress, which adapts to the curves of the human body. It is available in versions with fi xed covers using a mixed linen fabric or Sanitized® system anti-mite treated fabric. The fi xed covers are “air-conditioned”, using wool for the winter side and linen for the summer side.

Suitable for all bases, including those with movement and tilting up to 40°.

1_ Polyurethane foam sheet, CFC free, non-yellowing, medium density
2_ White sound-dampening needle punched reinforcement felt
3_ Individually boxed springs in hardened and phosphatised steel wire ø mm. 1,8 (head/foot area) and ø mm. 2 (lower back area)

Height around cm. 18/20