The best mattress is the one that gives an immediate feeling of well-being and allows the spine to maintain
its natural curvature. Before you decide which type of mattress to buy,
it is good to carefully evaluate your needs and know the product specifi cations.
In order to choose well you need to evaluate many aspects that contribute to the overall well-being of the person.


Sleep is a primary biological process, more than eating and drinking. It has in fact been determined that it is not the quantity of sleep that counts – the significant parameter and objective to be achieved is quality.
Sleep is not only beneficial, but necessary. By sleeping, we recover our physical and mental energies, our spine returns to its normal shape and the right distance between the vertebrae helps us to accumulate energy and freshness.
The choice of the right mattress is therefor crucial for obtaining all the benefits of a good rest.
For Somei, the need for people to sleep better has always represented and continues to represent a crucial stimulus for the creation of a range of mattresses able to provide greater well-being.

Special fabrics and fibers

Somei’s corporate mission is the attention to detail and attention in the research of raw materials that enable our products to improve their performance. Our textile fabrics, with distinct properties and characteristics, have been selected to offer our customers a more customised product in order to meet their different needs.