Eudora can quite rightly be called a super-orthopaedic spring mattress. The special “high density” springs undeniably provide greater support than the previous model (Esperia). It is available in fixed and removable-cover versions.
The fixed covering features “air-conditioning” of the padding by using wool on the winter side and cotton on the summer side.
Alternatively, a “removable-cover” anti-mite version is available with anti-allergenic fibre filling.
In the case of the removable-cover version, the mattress features a polyurethane boxed structure called “box system” which encloses the springs on six sides, thereby achieving high structural solidity.
The removable-cover version features a further cotton jersey lining to protect the inner structure of the mattress.

Suitable for all non-soft bases, except for those with movement.

1_ Polyurethane foam sheet, CFC free, non-yellowing, medium density
2_ Sound-dampening needle punched reinforcement felt
3_ High Density springs structure ø mm. 2 hardened and phosphatised steel wire

(630 springs measuring cm. 170×200)

Height around cm. 18/20