Elimo is the ideal mattress for those who want a “natural” product together with good support.
It is made by combining a centre sheet of rubberised coconut fi bre with two latex foam sheets with differentiated load capacity. The coconut gives excellent support and is totally hygienic thanks to its natural capacity to breathe.
It is made in fi xed-cover or fully-removable cover versions. The fi xed covering features “air-conditioning”
of the padding by using moth-repellent wool on the winter side and pure linen on the summer side.
Alternatively, a “removable-cover” anti-mite version is available with anti-allergenic fi bre fi lling (A, B and C).
The removable-cover version features a further cotton jersey lining to protect the inner structure of the mattress.

Suitable for all bases, including those with tilting movement up to 40°.

1_ Double-honeycomb pure latex foam sheet
2_ Support monobloc in hygienised coconut fi bre

Height around cm. 18