Cronos is the mattress made from 100% natural latex. The substance extracted from the tree trunk (latex rubber)
is processed in an aluminium die, then washed and vulcanised without additives. The holes on the sheet are arranged to obtain fi ve separate elasticated areas, with different diameters. Natural latex is “eco-friendly”, biodegradable and renewable, it has a high elasticity index and allows for excellent air circulation which guarantees high levels of comfort. The fi xed lining foresees the “acclimatisation” of the padding, with wool on the winter side and cotton on the summer side. Alternatively, it is also possible to request one of the removable linings available with an anallergic fi bre. The version with the removable lining has a mattress structure protected by a jersey cotton cover.

Suitable for all wooden staves, including those with movement mechanisms.

1_ Single block with differentiated capacity (fi ve areas) in 100% natural latex (cm. 16 h.), density 85 kg/m3

Height around cm. 18