Atena combines the particular type of independent springs which are “packed separately” (guaranteeing even distribution of weight on the surface of the mattress, which adapts to the physiological shape of the human body) with a super-comfy latex surface on both sides. The fi xed lining foresees the “acclimatisation” of the padding, with wool on the winter side and cotton on the summer side. If the removable lining version is requested, the mattress has a box system polyurethane structure which encloses all four sides of the spring and ensures high structural stability. The version with the removable lining has an internal mattress structure protected by a jersey cotton cover.

Suitable for all bases, including those with movement mechanisms which reach up to 40°.

1_ Double honeycomb pure latex foam sheet
2_ Sound absorbent reinforced needle-punched felt
3_ Individually packed springs with a “Box System” structure in steel wire ø mm. 1,8
(830 springs measuring cm. 170×200)

Height around cm. 18/20