If the spring mattress is used together with (on both sides) a sheet of latex, we manage to obtain a particularly anatomical and comfortable resting surface. Afrodite is ideal for those who like resting on a surface that maintains a medium-high resistance without sacrifi cing the pleasure of the delicacy of natural latex foam.
It is available in versions with fi xed cover using a mixed linen fabric or Sanitized® system anti-mite treated fabric. Fixed covering includes “air-conditioning” of the fi lling thanks to the use of wool on the winter side and cotton on the summer side. Alternatively, it is also possible to request one of the removable linings available with an anallergic fi bre (A, B and C). The version with the removable lining has a boxata mattress structure protected by a jersey cotton cover.

Suitable for all non-soft bases excepting those with movement.

1_ Double honeycomb pure latex foam sheet
2_ Sound-dampening needle punched reinforcement felt
3_ High Density springs structure ø mm. 2 hardened and phosphatised steel wire
(630 springs each measuring cm. 170×200)

Height around cm. 20